Dr Azzopardi Bonanno was conferred with a Doctorate of Laws degree by the University of Malta in 2014, where she graduated summa cum laude. She obtained her warrant to practice as an Advocate before the Courts of Malta in 2015 and since then she has been practising as a Court litigation lawyer and today she is a Partner at Lex Group Legal.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno is part of the legal team overseeing the transposition of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into Maltese law. She is also part of a working group tasked to draft a National Policy on the implementation of mandatory reporting of child abuse.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno is also heading the drafting team commissioned in Malta to review existing legislation and draft new ones to further strengthen children’s rights. This includes, inter alia, laws on the operation of the Children’s House and  local adoptions. She is the legal counsel to the National Foundation for Social Welfare Services.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno is also part of the Examiners’ Board and a visiting lecturer at the Civil Law Department within the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta. She is currently finalising her Master of Arts in Law with a dissertation on supervised access visits with minors. She delivers training on the law relating to out-of-home care in Malta and other ancillary areas

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno has a deep interest in family, gender and child law. Her doctoral thesis, titled “Mandatory Reporting: What are the implications of making reporting child abuse mandatory?” received the Professor Attard award for best thesis in 2014 and has been incisively reported in the media.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno acted as legal counsel to the National Foster Care Association of Malta and was also a co-founder and an executive team member of the NGO Gender Liberation, which advocated for and supported people within the trans-gender variant and intersex continuum and their relatives.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno has also attended training and studied the reality of parental alienation and its implications on the children involved. She intends to study further this reality and good practices in order to eliminate it.

Although Dr Azzopardi Bonanno is passionate about family law, gender law and child law, she has great interest in expanding her field of work and knowledge.