The Employment and Industrial Relations Act of 2002 governs this particular area. Our legal team has extensive experience in all aspects of Employment Law. The Firm is constantly involved in litigious proceedings brought before the local Industrial Tribunal and the Courts of Justice.

Our legal consultants provide a comprehensive ‘employment and relations’ service both to employers and employees alike. The services provided range from:

  1. dismissals;
  2. transfers and redundancies;
  3. litigation related to employers’ liability;
  4. negotiating terms and conditions of employment;
  5. drafting of employment contracts;
  6. harassment issues;
  7. contracts for services;
  8. collective agreements;
  9. advice in respect of Equal Employment Opportunity;
  10. matters related to discrimination;
  11. parental leave issues;
  12. transfer of undertakings;
  13. advising on disciplinary matters;
  14. disputes over performance; and
  15. advising on and acting in restraint of trade and confidentiality issues.