The Financial Institutions Act of 1994 regulates the domestic business relative to financial institutions, which business, by virtue of the said legislation has been brought in line with E.U. Directives relative to the field. Licensing and supervision of such institutions is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (the “MFSA”).

The Firm offers a wide range of financial services and also assists in obtaining the licences referred to and in meeting the criteria imposed by the MFSA for the attainment of the said documentation.

The Investment Services Act of 1994 sets up the regulatory framework for investment services and for collective investment schemes; it provides, similarly to corresponding E.U. Directives in the field, for different types of licenses. All investment services offered in or from Malta must necessarily meet with the thorough criteria set by the MFSA .

Lex Group has assisted numerous clients in obtaining the licences referred to and in meeting the above-mentioned criteria; the firm has also advised clients with regard to the closely related issues of fund management, retail investor funds and retirement funds and schemes.