About Us

Lex Group Legal is a boutique law firm based in Malta (Click Here), committed to provide services in specific areas of law, mainly dealing with dispute settlement, litigation, administrative and commercial matters.

The mission of the Group is to offer its clients pristine service in all areas of practice. The principle aim is to help clients establish an environment where they, together with their employees and clients, can succeed. We assist and offer our clients advise on all that matters to them, their families and businesses in the most fitting and expedient manner.

The departments within Lex Group are manned by professionals of the highest caliber, with most of them enjoying  years of impeccable experience in their field.

Lex Group is the coming together of a number of seasoned professionals, all aspiring to leave a legacy of a firm they believe in. That is why we value our clients and strive hard to provide bespoke services. We constantly refer to the Group’s mission statement as our guiding principle: “No to half measure. We create an environment where you can succeed”.

Mission Statement

“No to half measures. We create an environment where you can succeed”

Lex Group Legal

Dr Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno was conferred with a Doctorate of Laws degree by the University of Malta in 2014, where she graduated summa cum laude. She obtained her warrant to practice as an Advocate before the Courts of Malta in 2015 and since then she has been practising as a Court litigation lawyer and today she […]

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Dr Adreana Zammit

Dr Adreana Zammit was conferred with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Malta in 2018, with a term paper entitled “Comfortable Satisfaction: the standard of proof used by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, with particular reference to Corruption Cases”. Dr Zammit furthered her academic studies and in 2019 was conferred with […]

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Dr Lara Attard

Dr Lara Attard has been awarded a Degree in Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Malta in 2018. Her thesis, entitled ‘The Constitutional implications on small parties in Malta, dictated by the Electoral Law system’, examines the position of small political parties under the Maltese Electoral Law and the current electoral system. In […]

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Mr JohnLuke Ellul

JohnLuke Ellul graduated with a Bachelor of European Studies (Hons) with Communications degree from the University of Malta in 2019. As part fulfilment of the degree, JohnLuke submitted a dissertation entitled “The effects of the Prum Treaty and Framework decision on the Maltese Criminal Justice System”, which examined the changes and affects brought about by […]

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Ms Kirstin Genovese

Ms Kirstin Genovese is currently gaining experience for her pupillage within Lex Group Legal. She will be graduating from the University of Malta with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) this November, and will be reading for a Master of Advocacy this coming year. Her bachelor’s degree dissertation,  entitled ‘A Child’s Right to be Heard under […]

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Ms Rebecca Mizzi

Ms Rebecca Mizzi is currently reading law at the University of Malta. She joined Lex Group Legal as an intern in September 2021. Having already gained experience in the corporate law sector, Rebecca aims to further develop her knowledge in Company Law through her dissertation, entitled ‘Mitigants of Shell Companies in Malta: A Legal Analysis’. […]

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Ms Giliane Oosthuizen Valletta

Ms Giliane Oosthuizen Valletta graduated in Management from the Institute of Tourism Studies in 2006. She furthered her studies and in 2008 obtained an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources and Hospitality. After completing her studies, Giliane worked in England, London,

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Ms Averyl Baldacchino

Ms Averyl Baldacchino forms part of the Group’s administrative team and is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the Group.

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Dott.ssa Caterina Gangi

A lawyer by profession, Dott.ssa Caterina Gangi is a consultant within Lex Group and practices law in Italy and Spain. She coordinates the Group’s branch in Sicily.

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